Qualitell Non-slip Footcloth Carpet Rug Doormat Floor Mat Soft Chenille For Living Room Bedroom From Xiaomi Youpin

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Description :Qualitell Non-slip Footcloth Carpet Rug Doormat Floor Mat Soft Chenille For Living Room BedroomFromXiaomiYoupin-Excellent Water AbsorptionMade of chenille yarn, the suede is thick, the pile is neatly arranged, and the moisture on the sole is quickly absorbed by the chenille. The feet feel comfortable and the water absorption is good, so you dont have to worry about getting the floor outside the bathroom wet.-Non-Slip And BreathableThe bottom is made of transparent hot-melt adhesive anti-slip bottom, which is not permeable to water; the test shows that the slope is inclined to 80 slope, the floor mat still fits the ground and does not slip, and the anti-slip effect is good. There is a gap between each chenille ball, which is not easy to breed bacteria, and there is no need to worry about the mildew odor during the rainy season.-Easy to cleanThe chenille fiber has the characteristics of dustproof and anti-ash. The floor mat adopts a tufted interlocking structure, which is easy to care for without lint. The floor mat is reversed for a few times, and it is easy to say goodbye and dust. It is easy to wash and can be washed by hand or machine.- Available In Two Sizes40*60cm small floor mat, easy to adapt to the narrow position in the home, effectively sanding and vacuuming. 50*80cm large floor mat, intimately thickened the non-slip bottom, even if the floor mat area is increased, it is close to the ground, not easy to turn over.Specification :BrandQualitellMaterialChen

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